Prof. D. K. Isutsa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

Ms. Martha Karimi Mugambi, Clerk

Dr. Hilary K. Barchok, Dean, Faculty of Education Resources & Development

Prof. Nelson O. Jagero Department of Education

Dr. Colomba K. Muriung'i, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Prof. Stephen Wambugu,  Chairperson, Department of Arts & Humanities

Mr. Andrew T. Muguna, Dean, Faculty of Business Studies

Mr. Justo M. Simiyu, Ag. Chairman, Department of Business Administration

Prof. Levi M. Musalia, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Environmental Studies

Dr. Lemmy M. Muriuki Ag. Chairperson, Dept of Environmental Studies & Resources Dev’t

Dr. David Kemboi, Chairman, Department of Animal Sciences

Dr. Geoffrey K. Gathungu, Chairman, Department of Plant Sciences

Prof. Adiel M. Magana, Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Dr. Charles Ochieng’ Ombaka, Chairman, Department of Physical Sciences

Dr.Benson Onyango, Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences

Mr. David M. Gitonga, Chairman, Department of Computer Science and ICT

Mrs. Lucy Gitonga, Chairperson, Department of Nursing Sciences

Prof. Zachary N. Waita, Director, Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachment

Prof. George M. Muthaa, Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research, 

Prof. John M. Kobia, Director, Igembe Campus 

Dr.Benjamin M. Kanga , Dean of Students, Student Welfare Department

Mr. Justus N. Riungu, Director, Directorate of Examinations and Timetabling 

Mr. Oliver Mwangala, In-charge, Office of the Registrar (Academic Affairs) 

Miss Nancy Tuei, In-charge, University Library