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DVC (ARSA) welcome message

Prof. Dorcas K. Isutsa, Ph.D.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor( Academic, Research and Student Affairs) and ISO 9001 Management Representative

On this auspicious occasion, I congratulate the Class of 2019. This graduation day must be momentous in your lives. I therefore join you in celebrating it. As you exit, we look forward to you deploying the best you have acquired here in your careers. Take cognizance of the fact that there will be times when you shall need to draw strength from values your alma mater inculcated in you. This is because work life is bound to have both successful and challenging encounters. When successful, rejoice and celebrate, while during hard times, rise and soldier on; for it is known that only those who finish the race get counted. May the motto of Chuka University – Knowledge is Wealth - propel you to strive for greater heights always. To our prospective and continuing students, draw encouragement from these in-creased graduates to know that Chuka University has come of age and is now sitting among the greats in honing learners and releasing them to all key sectors of the economy. This is a place where dreams are coined, shaped, validated and actualized. The academic programmes offered here are demand-driven and our graduates are highly marketable, whereas many others are founding highly rewarding enterprises. It is no wonder that there is consistent progression of learning in our institution, which has enabled us to graduate normally distributed graduands from certificate to doctorate levels. We, therefore, invite candidates from all walks of life up to international spheres to join Chuka University. Our driving force is quality education for academic, re-search and extension excellence. It is oiled by the adopted, embraced and implemented world-class ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ethos, state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment, devoted staff and spiritual nourishment. Our graduates are prepared to offer top notch services and should always be considered favorably for absorption. God bless them as they team up with other professionals in transforming our economy.
Each year our campus is filled with students, both young and old who have high expectations for academic and personal success.It is my hope that you will invest in your academic success, grow personally, and fully engage in the life of the university during your four years in CU. In this university, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills, abilities, and talents as well as engage in learning through our academic and co-curricular programs. The more you invest in the university and its opportunities, the more successful and rewarding your learning experience will be.

We encourage you to participate in the multiple opportunities for leadership development, volunteer service, student engagement, and multicultural activities offered at CU.I also encourage you to make every effort to get involved and connect with your fellow students, cultivate new friends, attend each other's co-curricular activities throughout the year. While you are here learn to appreciate this University, which will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to serve you. Kindly make your time with us a safe, enjoyable, and successful university experience. I am very excited to be part of you and look forward to helping you succeed academically, professionally and personally at CU.

Please take some time to review the Student Handbook which provides valuable information regarding safety, activities you can become engaged in and services provided. We encourage you to browse the Student Life section of our website to discover everything CU and the surrounding communities have to offer!

Have a great year!

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